movieDate: september 19, 1981

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ON THIS DAY in 1981, singers Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel reunited for a benefit performance before 500,000 people in Central Park. This event was documented in the 1982 film, THE CONCERT IN CENTRAL PARK.

at theaters: august 28, 1981


Opened in movie theaters 32 years ago today:


BODY HEAT (William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Richard Crenna; directed by Lawrence Kasdan)

Review: “Yes, Lawrence Kasdan’s “Body Heat” (1981) is aware of the films that inspired it–especially Billy Wilder’s “Double Indemnity” (1944). But it has a power that transcends its sources.” —Roger Ebert

Trivia: Christopher Reeve was offered the lead but turned it down after saying, “I didn’t think I would be convincing as a seedy lawyer.”

Quote: “My temperature runs a couple of degrees high, around a hundred. I don’t mind. It’s the engine or something.

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at theaters: july 23, 1981


Opened in movie theaters 32 years ago today:


BLOW OUT (John Travolta, Nancy Allen; directed by Brian DePalma)

Review: “What if Abraham Zapruder—the man who took the home movies of President John F. Kennedy’s death—had been a sound-effects man? And what if Judith Exner—remember her?—had been working with Ruby? These are some of the inspirations out of which Brian De Palma constructs “Blow Out,” a movie which continues his practice of making cross-references to other movies, other directors, and actual historical events, and which nevertheless is his best and most original work.”  Roger Ebert

Trivia: De Palma considered Al Pacino for the role of Jack Terry, but ultimately chose John Travolta. —wikipedia

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