movieDate: september 19, 1981

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ON THIS DAY in 1981, singers Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel reunited for a benefit performance before 500,000 people in Central Park. This event was documented in the 1982 film, THE CONCERT IN CENTRAL PARK.

at theaters: february 17, 1984


Opened in movie theaters 29 years ago today:


ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Joe Pesci, Jennifer Connelly; directed by Sergio Leone)

“This epic is a compendium of kitsch, but it’s kitsch aestheticized by someone who loves it and sees it as the poetry of the masses. It isn’t just the echoing moments that keep you absorbed–it’s the reverberant dreamland settings and Leone’s majestic, billowing sense of film movement.” —Pauline Kael

Recognition: Golden Globe nominations, Best Director, Best Original Score (Ennio Morricone).

Quote: “All my life.” —Noodles (Robert De Niro), in reply to Elizabeth McGovern’s question, “Been waiting long?”

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